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Conceptdraw is a powerful diagramming package that is used by business people all over theUnited States. People who work in project management are usually under a lot of stress because there are many fine details that require their attention. When a tool like Conceptdraw comes along, it takes a significant amount of stress out of the equation. Project managers can get their jobs done more efficiently by using this package.

ConceptDraw: What makes it different?

There are a number of reasons why clients like using Conceptdraw:

  • It is built to work with Mac and Microsoft systems
  • This means that you can open Conceptdraw documents using MS Word
  • It has extended HTML capabilities
  • It contains 1,700 pre-created objects
  • Users can choose form many different templates
  • People who are responsible for doing project management will find that it offers a range of features to make their job easier
  • Allows you to track expenses and achievements easily so you get a boost when every step is complete and know exactly where funds are going
  • All of the apps in the package work well with each other
  • Users can download all updates from the company’s website
  • With Conceptdraw Mindwave, you can collaborate with other users
  • Import and export data to text formats as well as multimedia
  • Comes with lots of clip art that can be useful when you are doing presentations
ConceptDraw vs. primary competitors (sites similar to ConceptDraw)

Conceptdraw competes with Zoho Projects and Personal Brain Pro.

Zoho Projects

  • Zoho Projects gives you several good business tools
  • It is integrated with Google Docs
  • There is a version of this software that is completely free, so if you have a limited budget and are looking for a program that you can use, this will give you some of the features you need.
  • You get 10 MBs of free storage
  • It is not as versatile as Zoho Projects
  • You can only use it for one project

Personal Brain Pro

  • Personal Brain Pro offer users a great platform for mind mapping
  • It is infinitely scalable
  • The layout is not as attractive as Conceptdraw. This can be a problem if you are going to be looking at it every day.
  • However, it costs less than Conceptdraw. For $299 you can use it on either your Mac or Microsoft enabled system.
  • It has great mind mapping features but is not as strong with some of the other elements that are offered by Conceptdraw


While Conceptdraw offers useful features to advanced users, it can sometimes be difficult for novices to hit the ground running with this package. New users should give themselves a little time to get used to how the package works.

ConceptDraw: Pricing & packages

All customers agree that Conceptdraw is reasonably priced.

  • It costs $500 for a single, direct license.
  • Conceptdraw for Mac users costs nothing if you download the free trial that the company makes available to interested consumers. The free trial lasts 21 days and there is no obligation to purchase anything afterwards.
  • For this price you get three applications that can meet your needs.
  • The first of these is used for mindmapping, so you can organize your thoughts and ideas. You can also attach your notes to the project using this application, whenever you do research on the project. If you want to define your procedures and streamline the entire process, this tool is essential.
  • The second and third applications are used for drawing flow charts and Venn Diagrams and project management.
  • Programmers will find it helpful when they need to plan computer networks.
  • They get a number of useful features for the money that they spend on the package.
ConceptDraw: Product images & screenshots
ConceptDraw Coupons
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ConceptDraw: Customer reviews & comments
  • Customers praise Conceptdraw for being responsive and always making improvements to their software.
  • They have student pricing available for college students
  • The main issue some customers have is that the suite sometimes works slowly or causes crashes.
  • It is very useful and can do almost anything users can think of.

“ConceptDraw is excellent, cross-platform technical drawing program with many cool features. I've used it about 2 years. I'm a project manager and I do with it everything: my workflow, UML diagrams, any helpful flowcharts, my home plan and even stickers with alphabet symbols for my son! Now I've got the new version 5.003. And it's the most powerful drawing/diagramming software I've ever seen! It better than Graffle and even Visio on PC! I haven't met any serious problems at all. Once I've got a crash after 2 ours work. But after reload I've been able to recover my work from auto backup.”


Nov, 2003

“Yesterday I created a document using OmniGraffle Pro 4. I've used OmniGraffle probably since it came out, and always upgraded, but the upgrade to version 5 seemed too expensive for what it offered.
Today I decided to try ConceptDraw Pro for this particular document, and I'm very happy with the results. Some things were not as intuitive as with OmniGraffle, but I don't mind spending some time reading the Manual or the Help. Formatting the final document was faster in ConceptDraw Pro, and the end result was much nicer. For me it was hard to believe. ConceptDraw's software has definitely improved in the past few years.

ConceptDraw Pro includes a wide variety of very useful Templates, including science, engineering, landscaping, management, and many others. I plan to eventually upgrade to ConceptDraw Office which includes newer versions of the applications I have, but I'll wait until the next release since I was not thrilled with their Project Management application. Merlin 2 or FastTrack Schedule are still the ones I would choose for that purpose.

For people interested in this type of software, I recommend that you try their demo and then decide. So far it has worked great for me.”


May, 2009

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